Vision & Mission

  • WHEREAS the Co-Operative Movement in our country should be built up as one of the primary instruments of decentralised and labour intensive economy, which only will generate speedy and balanced economic growth.
  • WHEREAS there is a pressing need of the time to make the Co-Operative Movement truly a shield of the weak and the down-trodden and to enlighten the masses about the benefits of the Co-Operative Movement.
  • WHEREAS with this end in view, it is desirable that by organising Training Camps, Lecture Series, Seminars, Conferences, etc. at regular intervals people at large should be enlightened to organise the Co-Operative Movement comprising of Self-sustaining and Self-reliant Institutions, which are free from external control and political manipulations.
  • AND WHEREAS with this background, the Sahakar Bharati envisages and endeavors to create a strong and devoted cadre of selfless and dedicated Co-Operators who would be well equipped for spreading the knowledge of the Co-Operative Movement which in the present circumstances can only act as the ‘savior’ for upliftment of Vanavasis (Tribals), Small farmers, Landless Labourers, Rural Artisans, Jobless Technicians and Consumers from the middle and lower income groups.