Refund Policy

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REFUNDS / Cancelation

  • Sahakar Bharati is only a facilitator and any refund for any service(s) which are not delivered by the service provider /Independent Contractors or for any reason for which the User is entitled for a refund is subject to Sahakar Bharati receiving the amount from the said service provider. User acknowledges that Sahakar Bharati shall not be held liable for any delay in refund or non-refund of the amount from the respective service provider or Independent Contractors of Sahakar Bharati. In such events the User shall directly approach the service provider for any claims.
  • In case the User makes any changes in their Bank Account while on the refund period, Sahakar Bharati shall not refund or pay compensation in any manner whatsoever. The User would also be liable to pay any additional sum that is required to be paid consequent to the afore said changes made in the Bank account.
  • In the event of any delay in the refund beyond the period specified herein, the entire liability of Sahakar Bharati shall be refund of the said amount with interest calculated at the applicable bank rate till the date the refund is made.