Laxmanrao Inamdar Award to Dr U S Awasthi

Dr U S Awasthi born on 12 July 1945 in Uttar Pradesh, graduated in Chemical Engineering from Banaras Hindu University in 1967. He has been working as the Managing Director of Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd. (IFFCO) since February 1993.

A visionary and true envoy of masses, he commands a leadership not merely in Indian Fertilizer Industry but is a respected name in the Global fertilizer world. IFFCO under his dynamic leadership has achieved laurels, where 55 million families are reaping the benefits of the toil of Dr Awasthi, year after year for last two and half-decade. He has never failed to provide the return on their investment in IFFCO.

The thick and thins of the economy have not affected his resolve to do better than the previous year. He is the tallest cooperative leader and no less a corporate head, a rural economist, an accomplished technocrat and above all a messiah for rural farmers. Under his visionary leadership, IFFCO climbed to 43 rd position in the list of Fortune India 500 companies, the only cooperative to be featured amongst top 100 companies in this list. IFFCO is at 8 th position in the list of Business Standard (BS) 1000 companies.